Qualified Professors

To educate the students through commitment to the transformative power of the arts and sciences education

Education System

To improve opportunities for interdisciplinary working and maximize the students impact on the environment


Promote intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections and facilitating access to information resources

Sport Clubs

Provide playing opportunities to individuals at all abilities to enhance the sporting experience

Who We are


To prepare graduates to make their own impact, offering education that would stimulate, challenge and fulfil our students, leading to meaningful careers and the required skills to make profound contributions to the society.


To take the lead in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future and to create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge, problem-solving, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being.


  • Learning - A caring community, all of our students who help one another grow.
  • Discovery - Expanding knowledge and human understanding.
  • Freedom - To seek the truth and express it.
  • Leadership - The will to excel with integrity and the spirit that nothing is impossible.
  • Individual Opportunity - Many options, people from different section of society and ideas, one college.
  • Responsibility - To serve as a catalyst for positive change in our country.


  • To educate the students through our commitment to the transformative power of the arts and sciences education
  • To improve opportunities for interdisciplinary working and maximize the students impact on the environment in a positive light.
  • To foster an academic community in which the learning of every member may flourish with vigilant protection for individual human rights and a resolute commitments to the principles of equal opportunity and equity
  • To transform the perception of the younger generation in a positive way for the benefit of society.
  • To empower the students in rural locality through value based education.


Yuvaguru college of Arts and Science was started by Pranathi Educational and Charitable trust chaired by Dr. R. P. Thangaraj M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph. D who is having a more than 4 decades of experience in the field of Education as Professor of Mathematics and principal both in Arts and Science colleges and Engineering Colleges and known for molding young minds into glittering stars. and the Trust is ably aided by other trustees who have a philanthropic outlook on serving the society by providing education and help people accomplish in the field of academics and sports. The trust is committed to serving the society by helping the poor, needy and vulnerable. The trust also offers financial assistance to rank holders, toppers, athletes and students from deprived parts of society.

Our Courses


  • The curriculum prepares students for a career in software industry by equipping the students with the latest technology used in the software industry.
  • The program aims to educate students in Computer Science and Information Technology with emphasis on hands-on practical training in software development.
  • Creates the ability to design a computer application by considering realistic constraints such as safety, security and applicability.
  • Prepares to create design innovative methodologies for solving complex/ real life problems for the betterment of the society.
  • To integrate ethics and values in designing computer application.
  • We provide additional professional certificate courses and training and qualifications to students. There are courses in a wide variety of subjects, like Python, digital lab, etc.,

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  • The students will be ready for employment in functional areas like accounting, taxation, banking, insurance and corporate law.
  • An attitude for working effectively and efficiently in a business environment. Learners will gain knowledge of various disciplines of commerce, business, accounting, economics, and finance, auditing and marketing.
  • Students also acquire skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.
  • Students have choices to pursue professional courses such as CA, CMA, ICWA ACCA, CS, etc.
  • Students are able to play a role of businessman, entrepreneur, manager and consultant which will help learners to possess knowledge and other soft skills and to react aptly when confronted with critical decision making

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  • To acquaint the students with the fundamentals of computer Science.
  • Inculcates the ability to analyze, identify, formulate and develop computer applications using modern computing tools and techniques.
  • To integrate ethics and values in designing computer application.
  • To enable with the Knowledge in the practical applications of accounting.
  • To enable the students to learn the basic concepts of Partnership accounting, and allied aspects of accounting.
  • To enable the students to gain thorough knowledge on the accounting practice prevailing in partnership firms and other allied aspects.

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  • To make students open up to a world of inspiration and creativity while also developing for the present environment.
  • To make the students aware of the richness, range and vitality of the English Language and to the beauty of English Literature.
  • To make the student to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays.

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Commerce with computer Application gives a deeper understanding of both Information Technology and Commerce, thereby enabling the budding graduates to pursue careers in fast-growing areas, viz. IT Industry, Commerce, and Financial sector.

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